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World Heritage Site Monument unveiled!

World Heritage Site Monument unveiled! Image

A limestone monument to the Gorham's Cave Complex UNESCO World Heritage Site was today unveiled by The Hon Professor John Cortes MBE, Minister for Education & Culture, the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change, Heritage and Public Health.

The monument is located on Europa Advance Road, just under 200m south of the Gorham's Cave Complex Viewing Platform. Visitors can stop for a rest by the monument and enjoy the views of the World Heritage Site and the Mediterranean Sea. The area also includes various interpretation panels on the Neanderthals as well as the diverse wildlife that can be observed from this location.

The monument itself consists of the silhouette of the Rock of Gibraltar, as seen from the Mediterranean Sea, with a cutout of the view of the opening of Gorham's Cave as seen from its interior. It also includes the internationally-recognised World Heritage Emblem which represents the interdependence of the world’s natural and cultural diversity. It is used to identify properties protected by the World Heritage Convention and inscribed on the official World Heritage List, and represents the universal values for which the Convention stands.

Visitors are encouraged to take photographs and selfies with the monument and share them online with the hashtag #GorhamsCave!

Published: August 31, 2023

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